Healthy Hair Growth...

It's not just about the hair it's about so much more. 

Healthy hair growth starts at the root (ok at the scalp but you get the idea). The health of your scalp is so very important. We hear so much about excessive shedding, flaking, itching and so much more. 

It doesn't mean you have dandruff. It doesn't mean your hair is all going to fall it. It may just mean you need to tweak what you're using and treat yourself to a scalp revival.

A scalp revival is mean to deeply exfoliate the dead cells on the scalp and to awaken the hair follicles. By doing so you will promote healthy growth of the hair by stimulating the follicles, cleansing them, and increasing blood flow. 

Your stylist is ready to create a beautiful hair care plan to revive your hair growth in 2024.